Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Two Days in Tulum

May 21, 2018

If you haven't heard of Tulum, then you have been hiding under a rock and need to come out ASAP. The first time I stumbled upon this place was via www.sincerelyjules.com. I have been to Cancun before when I was a child, but this place takes Mexico to a new level for me. Tulum is Playa del Carmen's more sophisticated and grown-up cousin crawling with rustic and bohemian vibes. There is one street that takes you everywhere you need to be in this town and you can easily bike or walk it all. The food options are endless and the accommodation options are beyond basic standards. With summer just around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite Tulum recommendations. For us Californians, Mexico is always an easy go-to for a summer getaway. Make sure to add this destination to your bucket list {if it's not on there already}.


Be Tulum / We were beyond pleased with our stay at this perfect and not-so-little boutique hotel. The options were tirelessly endless when we were deciding where to stay, but this place was heavenly and we could not have been happier. The staff was beyond helpful with everything! {Especially helping us find our room, because it was like finding our way through a jungle to get there.} The restaurant options were also all delicious. We felt that we really didn't need to leave the hotel at all during this trip! We also had our own private plunge pool on the roof, so there was really no competition there.


I am not joking when I tell you we ate way more than we expected to. The food scene in Tulum is off the charts! From Michelin-starred chefs to the best acai bowls, I doubt you'll end up eating something that will leave you unsatisfied. Here are some recommendations for must-try spots:

Ocumare (at our hotel) / I love a good restaurant and this place did not disappoint. This was conveniently in the lobby of our hotel and we decided to give it a try. It is very, very new to Tulum and I have no doubts that it will be a big hit soon. I slurped everything down so fast I am pretty sure the wait staff was worried for my health. Definitely make this a priority for dinner plans!

Beach Bar (at our hotel) / This was where we ate breakfast in the mornings, as well as when we needed an easy lunch or drink during the day. It was convenient, easy, and surprisingly good. Not to mention, the staff was so good to us! We were able to order by the cabanas, restaurant, or even take it up to our rooms! Tip: Get the Aguachile Ceviche... your life will never be the same.

4 Fuegos (at our hotel) / On our second night, we decided to order in since honestly, we were kind of lazy. But don't get me wrong, we were eyeing this place since our first night. What made us have to try this place was that they had an open fire with a pig roasting over it. This spitfire pig dish was absolutely delicious! It was so tender and smoky all in the right places. {I'm drooling all over my keyboard at the moment.} You'll know when you see it.

Matcha Mama / Don't judge me, but we came here twice in one day. I am a sucker for a good acai bowl and Matcha Mama lives up to the hype. Not to mention, the decor and swings are worth just stopping for a picture!

Posada Margherita / We read a million posts recommending a visit to this place and if you go, you'll know why. The pasta is cooked to perfection and sauces are just right! Also the views of the beach are breathtaking.

*I know this looks biased since most of this was at our hotel but to be honest, it was all so satisfying that we really didn't need to go anywhere else. But if you're looking for other recommendations, here are some places that were on our list that we didn't get to try: HartwoodArca {will need reservation}, Casa Banana, and Gitano.


Eat, tan, swim, eat again, bike, drink, repeat. {All in that order.} But whatever you decide to do, make sure you take that bike out for a spin on the "hotel strip". You will come across all of the cutest shops and find things you didn't see while driving in. Most hotels will offer bicycles for hotel guests to use. If not, there are many bicycle rentals along the street. Another couple of things you could do: visit Casa Malca {a newly renovated hotel that was one of Pablo Escobar's previous residences}, swim in a cenote {swimming hole}, or visit the Tulum ruins on an early morning.

Whatever you decide to do, whether it's lounging by the beach or partying at Papaya Playa Project, just remember to let your hair down and relax. I mean, that's probably what you came for...

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