Buffalo, NY, USA

Snowy Weekend in Upstate New York

Mar 2, 2018

If you know all of us in Los Angeles, you know we only have one type of weather. And don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining {too much}, but it would be nice to experience some type of different weather. Lucky for me, my sister is such a travel junkie and she is always down for any trip regardless of how far or how short it might be. This winter, we were dying to go somewhere snowy and Buffalo, NY was one of our two locations. {Read about our first winter trip here.} Why winter, you ask? So that we can wear our cute winter coats! “So yeah! Why not? Let’s go!” is exactly how it went. This faux fur coat was just too good and it had to be worn.

Stay tuned for a city guide post of Buffalo/Niagara Falls if you ever plan on visiting!

This city is absolutely so charming. The small town feel is everything I love.

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