Pacfic-Northwest Winter Getaway

Feb 9, 2018

No winter is complete without a winter getaway and that’s exactly what this trip was. My big sister’s birthday falls on the end of January and that’s always our excuse to wander off to somewhere snowy. This time, we asked a bunch of our girl cousins to come and made it our annual girl’s trip. Well, it’s only January, so maybe more like bi-annual girl’s trip. 

We hoped to hit the slopes for one of the days that we were there, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us. It was snowing pretty heavily both full days we were there, so skiing was instantly ruled out. I mean let’s be real, no one likes to ski when in pouring rain or dumping snow. {Only on the days after.} Because we ended up having so much time, we got to eat and try a ton of places in the Whistler village. Lucky for us our hotel had a full kitchen! So we headed out to the grocery store, bought some wine, cheese, and cookie dough and had the ultimate girl’s night in {and then out, for drinks}. On that note, here are a couple of my recommendations on where to stay, what to eat, or do if you ever make your way over to Whistler:


Stonesedge Kitchen // We stumbled upon this place on Yelp after we realized our first choice was closed. At that time, our brunch standards were pretty low. The only criteria the restaurant needed to meet was having mimosas. Lucky for us, they did. Even luckier for us, the food was damn delicious. I had a eggs benedict with fried chicken (!!!) a.k.a. my favorite thing in the world. See the drool worthy photo below.
El Furniture Warehouse // Toward the end of the trip, we were aching for something close and cheap that wouldn’t break the bank. Luckily, this place was right downstairs {and around the corner} from us and everything was advertised at only $5.95! And if we’re being honest, the food was pretty damn good. And that’s my rating prior to the 5 tequila shots we slammed afterwards.
Moe Joe’s Nightclub // Looking to get a little wild? Then this is the place to go. Granted we went on a Sunday, so it was only as wild as you can imagine. {Not too much.} For us, it was more of a crowded bar than a nightclub. There was live music, fun people, bar games, and overall a really good time. I mean, anywhere with tequila shots is a good time!
Dubh Linn Gate // If you know me, then you know that I’m that Asian girl from Southern California who likes to think she is part Irish because she lived there for 6 months and likes Guinness. So naturally, I dragged the girls here for some hot soup and a mid-day drink. It was traditionally Irish, had Guinness on tap and a fantastic view of the slopes. It doesn’t get better than that. Slainte!
Crepe Montagne // We ended up here for our last breakfast of the trip and it was truly a gem. All of Monday morning we spent walking around looking for something that opened earlier than 11 A.M. and this seemed to be the only place that had a decent wait time. We waited a couple minutes and got seated at a table of 4. We had 6 girls and that’s all they had at the time. Luckily they were very accommodating and moved us to a bigger table even though there were guests outside. The options were delicious and I’d have to say some of the best brunch I’ve had yet. Definitely worth a try.


We loved staying at the Delta Hotel Marriott Whistler! Well if we’re being honest, we didn’t have much of a choice with this one. We booked pretty late and by that time, most places were already booked or just not in our budget. We coughed up a bit for this place but it was beyond worth it. The staff was extremely helpful and it was in close proximity to everywhere we needed to go. I would definitely come back.


Since we ended up not skiing, we had a lot of extra time on our hands to kill. Lucky for us, we were right above the Whistler village. And everything you needed was right within walking distance with the exception of Scandinave Spa. We had to take a short taxi ride out there. This was something one of our girlfriends recommended and it was an awesome experience. Especially after a long ski day if you end up doing that. It was a beautiful silent spa tucked in the middle of nature. {Which was hard for me because I love talking.} There were multiple hot tub soaks and cold dips in the Scandinavian style. And when I say cold dip, I meant something more like freezing-dip-my-body-in-waters-of-Antarctica cold. Afterwards, you are supposed to go sit in a warm steam room and just relax. Then repeat as you wish.
But really if you have time and the weather is not stormy, you must must go skiing. I went the first time I visited and it was nothing short of breathtaking. I wish I went again this trip, but that just means I’ll have to come back again next year!
Have you guys been to Whistler? Comment below with your favorite Whistler spots or any favorite winter destinations.

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