Bucket List: No. 4

Feb 16, 2018

I never really had a chance to introduce this whole editorial series to you, which is weird because this is my favorite one to write! I created the Bucket List series as a way to quench my thirst for travel {temporarily} and to constantly keep my wanderlust going. As the name says itself, it’s another way for me to track down all the places I want to go and eventually check them off. Traveling has always been an important part of my life and as a child, my family has always encouraged me to explore the world. It doesn’t only make you aware of the world surrounding you, but it teaches you more about yourself. Because of this, I always encourage people to travel as well. It has taught me so much and I don’t know the person I would be if I didn’t get to see the things I did.

So as a way to keep myself inspired, I hope that my lists and the photos I gathered from the internet also encourage you to hop on a plane and getaway. Without further ado, here are the newest additions to my bucket list:


I wish this one wasn’t so far away from us, otherwise visiting here would have happened a long time ago. Australia is such a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful beaches and wildlife. Also, amazing places that aren’t beaches, like the outback. Every picture of this place gives me major envy. Not to mention the fact that I can see koalas in the wild and penguins on the beach! I’ll make it to you one day Australia!

Azores Islands, Portugal

My sister is probably one of my main sources of travel inspiration and one day she said: “Let’s go to the Azores Islands.” “Um, okay, where is that? But I’m down.” So then research happened and I just couldn’t say no to this place. I mean come on! Look at those photos! Portugal has been feeling a surge of vacationers lately and this makes it easy to understand why. Plus when I lived in Dublin, flights to Lisbon were less than $100 {round trip} — that makes it hard not to visit.


I never really knew what Lapland was until @rachmartino went, then @doyoutravel went, and now, it’s on my radar. {So for you people who don’t believe in influencer marketing, it clearly works.} Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. This is also where you go dog sledding, feed reindeer, and literally just live like Ana and Elsa. Also between the months of September and March, you have a good chance of catching the northern lights!

Marrakesh, Morocco

This has literally been on my list twice already and for good reason, obviously. Camels in the desert, beautiful textiles, and Amanjena — the last one should have said it all. Granted, I am broke, so I will just go on dreaming about it instead. But beyond that, the whole city is just crawling with blogger inspiration. From the colorful walls to intricate patterns, what is not to love about this place? My favorite blogger, Jacey Duprie, just wrote about her short trip to Marrakesh here.


I literally cannot contain my excitement, but this one is actually going to be checked off the list! We have been in the works with this trip for awhile and it’s finally booked. Patagonia is in the southernmost region of South America split between Argentina and Chile. If you have a chance, please put this one on your list. It is filled with adventure and beauty at every turn. Why do you think they made a outdoor clothing company using it’s name? {By the way, I swear by Patagonia clothing. This sweater is my absolute favorite.}

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