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24 Hours {or less} in Vancouver

Feb 23, 2018

You’re probably thinking: why such a short time in an amazing city? Well let’s just say I didn’t exactly plan to stay in Vancouver this time around, but I guess fate wouldn’t have it that way and wanted me to stay. Long story short, we visited Whistler for the weekend and right as we got to the airport for check-in, I realized I left my passport back at the hotel. Bravo Carolyn! We had more than a couple hours before the flight so I had called for a taxi from Whistler to deliver my passport. Unfortunately, it arrived only 20 minutes before my flight and by that time they had closed check-in. And that my friends, that’s how we ended up staying in Vancouver for an extra day!

After discovering this shockingly horrifying and upsetting news that I was a completely irresponsible idiot, my sister and I decided that since we were already here and in vacation mode, let’s look for cool things to eat before we leave tomorrow! And that’s exactly what we set out to do. Though little, here are a couple of places we ate and where we stayed in 24 hours or less.

Where We Stayed

Because we figured we would be paying more for a night-of stay, we decided to go all in and splurge on a room that we wouldn’t want to just lounge in for the night but want to live in forever and never check-out. Our decision? Hotel Shangri-La, VancouverIt did not disappoint. While the room style was very classic, the bathroom was everything but. If you’re a fan of marble, you would have melted. I did. It was absolutely beautiful and totally bathroom goals! Also, the floors were heated…

Since we were packing for Whistler on this trip, we went into Vancouver with way too much heavy clothing. But because our hotel was so nice, we just took our time to wind-down, relax, and soak in the tub {or at least I did}. If you know me at all, I love downtime and chilling in my favorite robe and slippers. 

Where We Ate

We checked in the first night pretty late in the evening and were so tired by the time we were all settled in. Deciding not to go out for dinner, we opted for some Chinese delivery. {PS: If you haven’t been to Vancouver, there is a lot of amazing Chinese food.} After some Yelp-ing and drooling over Instagram photos, we chose to order from ChongQing on Robson. The process was so easy. Everything was online and it was delivered in less than thirty minutes! We ordered the hot & sour soup, hot & sweet ginger beef, and tan tan noodles. Overall, the food was pretty good for a late-night delivery and the portions were pretty large for just two people. Convenience was a huge, huge plus!

Brunch is always one of our most important meals and Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim was nothing short of perfect. I am someone who loves to eat with my eyes and not only was the food beautiful, but the whole restaurant was simply Pinterest-worthy. I would rate this place two-to-three dollar signs, but it was worth the experience. The staff is so extremely friendly and the menu was straight-forward. And if we weren’t already staying at the Shangri-La, we would’ve stayed here!

If you have a chance, I recommend spending some time eating your way through Vancouver. It was one of my favorite places to explore when I spent some time there last summer. Also during the summer, the weather is beautiful enough to take a bike ride and visit Granville Island! So go and book your trip because spring is coming and we all know that’s prime travel time.

If you were wondering, here was our sad and defeated moment when we realized we weren’t going home.

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