Searching for Fall

Oct 10, 2017

I kid you not when I tell you there is not nearly enough time in a day, week, month or year to get all the things you ever want to get finished done. The transition from college to working full-time has been extremely difficult for me--someone who enjoyed a lot of free, relaxation time during those days. And now here I am, struggling to get my one blog post up for the month. BUT HERE WE ARE, GETTING IT ON THE BLOG...

So yes, I've been back from South Africa for about a month now and pictures still haven't gone up. {Forgive me.} There is too much to post and I just don't know how I want split it up. Yes, my problems are waaaaay bigger than yours. So while I think on that, this past weekend I celebrated my birthday weekend in Colorado searching for fall foliage. I visited Denver very briefly back in 2013, but this time I stayed a bit longer. We did a mini-road trip up to Aspen then back and my God, the sights were absolutely incredible. Coming from California, we never really get to experience "fall". I know I talk a lot about weather {complain, I mean} on my blog, but I mean it when I say we only get one season. I tested out the camera on my new iPhone 8 plus and no words can describe how happy I am with the upgrade, considering I take all of my photos on my phone. Oh yeah, I lost my phone in Vegas two weekends before. Hence, the upgrade.

Colorado, you did not disappoint. I will be back.

Yay snow! I am a huge lover of skiing, so count on me to definitely be visiting Aspen again.
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