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Oct 19, 2017

I am absolutely not kidding when I tell you I am nuts about fall right now. It is still blazing hot outside, but baby, the apples are falling, the leaves are falling, and winter is a-coming! I wouldn't say I am the most adventurous, but every weekend, the creative duo {Sami at The Unexpected Type and my sister}, always find something fun to do and drag me along. Because if not, you know I'd be the girl enjoying a glass of bubbly inside a bubble bath... or just sleeping. Since we have been on the go recently, hopping on-and-off flights, we decided to relax and enjoy California this weekend. We took an early drive out to Willowbrook Apple Farm in Oak Glen, CA. Those two have done this before, but it was my first time. There was a little orientation and models of apples that you should/shouldn't pick, but you know me, when do I ever listen? So there I go, frolicking around the farm, picking the apples that look like the ones in cartoons/grocery stores. To be honest, mine probably tasted the worst, but at least they were pretty!

That basically rounded out our trip. We also pressed apple cider, which was actually really hard. {Sami did all the work...} Aaaaaaand that's where I come in with my apple cider mimosas! Woo woo! I know, I thought I was on an alcohol detox too. Guess not. I used the recipe from www.delish.com linked here. They give you portions, but it's quite simple. I prefer more booze than cider, but hey, to each their own. 

Anywho, the moral of this blog post is: "when there's a chance to make boozy drinks, do it." {I'm only joking.} It's to enjoy fall and everything that comes along with it. Get out there and have fun, look at the leaves, take pretty pictures, and GO APPLE PICKING. I did, it was cool.

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  1. i love this <3 sitting here about to write dat apple pie recipe-- 539583958 years later, lol.


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