Banff Photo Diary

Aug 15, 2017

It's been a hot minute since I have actually been active on my blog and boy, you guys have missed out on a lot. Granted it's my fault, but that's why I am here to share with you now. As my next trip (to South Africa) approaches, I realize I never shared my last one. This past July, my sister, some friends and I made our way up north to Canada. We stayed in Calgary, but the bulk of our trip was spent exploring the wilderness in Banff National Park. My god, it was amazing. If it wasn't for my sister, I honestly would never have even thought about visiting this place. And a big shout out to this group of people who stuck it out for a whole week with me. You all are real troopers {even though you didn't let me listen to country music}. So here it is, I hope these pictures make you feel a little wanderlust and are another push for your to get out of your comfort zone and see the world.

Stumbled upon this beautiful place by accident. Calm and still waters call for an amazing reflection photo.
Hiking Johnston Canyon and found this hidden gem. 
I spy a wolf.
Waking up at 4 AM to catch this sunrise? 100% worth it {although I slept the whole ride and was very grumpy without my morning coffee}.
The real truth behind those insta-worthy photos. By the way, she fell and scraped her knee after this. Oopsy... sorry not sorry.
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Album dropping December 2017.
Walking on glaciers. Once in a lifetime experience. And free fresh water. PS: it's better than Arrowhead.
Emerald Lake kayaking adventures. Yes, spectacles.
Second album dropping January 2018.
Don't be fooled, that water was freezing cold. @theunexpectedtype can vouch for me.
And big, big thank you to the number one inspiration in my life for taking me places and opening my eyes to the world. I could never be half the person I am if you weren't there to do everything first... sucker. To my other half and twin. Much love. 

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