Searching for Cherry Blossoms

Apr 4, 2017

It sucks to admit that I am actually going to kind of miss college given the weird, nontraditional college experience I had. Yeah, you have probably heard me complain about it for the last five years, wanting to grow up and get a job, but now I wish I can stay in last semester forever. I mean, who wants to freaking adult? Unfortunately with my last semester of college came my last and final spring break. With that in mind, I really had to make it one of my best and go out with a bang. 

I thought: "What better than cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.?"

For as long as I can remember, cherry blossoms have always been one of my favorite flowers. I was the middle school teenager that would get everything cherry blossom scented. Imagine how much money I blew at Bath & Body Works. After learning about the Washington D.C. cherry blossom festival, I knew I had to make it a destination on my bucket list. I forced my sister to be on board with the idea and made it our next #dinhsisterstrip. We turned it into a little bit of a short east coast road trip and it was the perfect adventure. They only bloom once a year, so it is kind of a big deal. There was a bit of a scare of dying cherry blossoms due to the cold wave on the east coast a week before we went, but lo and behold, they were there blooming beautifully! Lucky us!

Here's a couple of pics from this wonderful trip to the East coast. Word of advice: PUT THIS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST. Not only were the flowers the delight, but the whole city was filled with adventure and history. It's the perfect travel destination for any season or reason. I really just wanted to stay and never come back, but hey! Ya girl needs to graduate!
What kind of vacation morning would it be if you're not eating leftover drunchies?
We spent a good hour and a half watching Bei Bei eat bamboo... they're so f*cking cute.

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