Telling Time with JORD

Jan 5, 2017

I honestly never understood why people wore watches {obviously other than telling time}. In this day and age, everyone is constantly on their iPhones or insert other smartphone. So what is the point of wearing watches anymore when you can simply look at the bright screen staring back at you with the time {most likely} plastered on your screensaver?

It was when I got a little older that I realized that watches are more than just for telling time. It is not only wrist candy or a nice accessory to complete your outfit, but it is the perfect companion to appreciate life and time {without your phones}. Growing up in this new technologically-driven era, everything is about smart phones and even smart watches, but sometimes it is nice to step back and appreciate the simpler things in life. When you're in need of a little simplicity plus a dash of style, look to JORD for your perfect watch. These watches are unique and perfect not only for yourself, but as a gift for any special person in your life. Carefully crafted and adds the perfect touch to any outfit. So go on over to their website, get yourself one of these babies and start making memories!

Thanks JORD for partnering on this post.

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