Favorite Slip-On Mules

Nov 4, 2016

Unless you've been hiding in a closet {which wouldn't necessarily be bad if it was Kardashian sized and loaded}, I am sure you have seen and heard all the rage over "slip-on mules". Especially because every fashion blogger we know is sporting the Gucci 'princetown' mule or the other just-as-expensive Prada ones bringing out the green jealousy monster in me. I am secretly screaming inside because I want a pair of those now. Maybe I can persuade my sister to buy me a pair.. that's right sister, I'm talking to you..

You know what the thing is about slip-on mules to me? Call me lazy or because I am from Southern California, but I hate hate hate putting on socks and shoes. What can I say? My toes like to breathe. So most of the time, I slip on my flip-flops or something easy and just run for the door. It doesn't matter if I am wearing the most expensive outfit and they don't match my outfit, my flip-flops are my best friends. So that's where these slip-on mules do the trick for me. They're stylish and easy to wear--just the type of thing I like. Unlike flip-flops, these totally upscale your outfit and are totally SFW {safe-for-work}. I have yet to buy a pair because I am so so picky about the shoes I wear, but you know the holidays are a-comin' and I'm gonna be a-buyin'. Slip-on mules, here I come {insert devious facial expression}!

GUCCI 'princetown' shearling-lined mules {same version without fur here}

photos via fashion me now blog

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