Bucket List: No. 3

Nov 2, 2016

Here we are. Back to drooling over Pinterest destination pins and wishing we were traveling in cool, exotic locations rather than sitting at home and writing ten-page papers about stuff we don't even care about. Or at least I don't. It is actually called trying-to-get-an-expensive-piece-of-paper-and-hopefully-someone-hires-you. I mean, why can't we all just drop everything and travel to our heart's content. Unfortunately, life is unfair like that and we simply can't. So on that note, here are a couple places I am currently dreaming of:

1. Anarctica

Why not go and visit Santa Claus? You can go and explain yourselves for all those times you got drunk and did regrettable things so you won't be getting coal in your stocking this year. You're still getting coal. But on a serious note, I didn't even know it was even possible to go this far North! When I stumbled upon this photo on Pinterest, I was truly speechless. So naturally, it made the list for places I want to visit sometime in my life. Santa, here I come!

2. Lake Misurina, Italy

Italy is probably one of those countries that will be on literally every bucket list post of mine--even though I have visited three times already. When you think you've seen it all, another photo of this stunning country pops up and reels you back in. There is so much to see, do and eat; I love everything about the Italian culture. If I could live in any other country in the world, it would be Italy hands down. {Plus, there are hot men everywhere. Hello!}

3. Morocco

Morocco has been such a hot spot lately and the tourism has gone up exponentially. I mean, who doesn't want to ride on a camel in the middle of the desert and have lunch in something that looks like the photo above? And the tile work? Absolutely amazing and so so intricate. Everything about Morocco screams artistic and beautiful--totally insta-worthy.

4. Santorini, Greece

No matter how tourist-filled this place has become, it will still be somewhere I want to visit. The white buildings combined with light, pastel colors are a sight to see at least once in everyone's life. Plus, it's Greece! This place is crawling with history leaving you with so much to learn. Whether it's lounging on the beach in clear, blue waters or exploring ancient ruins, this place has got it all. If you want more of a reason to visit this place, watch Mamma Mia!

5. South Africa

I AM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA IN AUGUST 2017! Sorry, I just had to say that. I never thought this day would come and I was never truly interested in visiting this place, but wow! After doing some Pinterest research, I am so excited. Plus, Shay Mitchell's Adventures in Africa Youtube video here, has me hyped for next year. Elephants, giraffe, and penguins on the beach, HERE I COME!

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  1. So many beautiful and amazing places!



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