Pinspiration: No. 1


I sometimes find it's hard to take time off school, work and all other daily life obligations to just keep still, relax and to just find inspiration. Life demands full attention from a person and to become successful, more qualifications are being added to that list every single day. So what's a girl got to do to be successful when she can't even find time to breathe?

Right now I'm lucky to be a student and have a small-time internship that doesn't require too much of my time, yet I am still struggling to balance my life. When I am in this situation, I simply look to pinterest to keep me inspired. When life becomes monotonous, boring and bland, I turn to style pins and home decor to keep my dreams afloat and work towards something visible. It'd be great if pinterest would sponsor me due to all the time I spend on their website, but for now, it's my empty space, my dreamer space, my blank canvas. It's an escape.

Visit my pinterest, here. In the meantime, here are a few things that are keeping me inspired and alive:
photos via pinterest


  1. Love this inspo!

  2. dude, the struggle is so real to stay balanced. i suck so hard at it. love these pins!


  3. Gotta love Pinterest for inspiration!



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