But First, Coffee

Oct 25, 2016

For as long as I can remember, I have been a very avid coffee drinker. I love the culture, the varied tastes and flavors, and the history. Coffee is probably the only reason I am powered and ready to go in the morning, because you really don't want to meet me without my morning coffee. Not only because my body is so dependent on coffee, but the culture around it is truly fun and captivating. Being able to explore coffee shops all over the world and have a universal language or spot out new kinds of latte art. These are one of the biggest reasons coffee is such a big deal now. {Do it for the insta, ya know?} Alfred Coffee in the alley is personally one of my favorites in Los Angeles. I have been to two other locations, but this is still my favorite. I love how it is a little hidden gem and the decor is everything. It is cute and quaint with a really great brew.

Sorry I got carried away with talking about coffee, but it's also poncho season! {a.k.a. sweater weather!} If you get your timing correctly in this bipolar California weather, you can sport your cutest fall clothes that's been waiting in your closet. So my gloomy weather go to? A nice cup of coffee to post on Instagram and a nice, warm poncho!

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