8 Tips on Conquering Exams {Even If You Procrastinate}

Oct 4, 2016

If you're anything like me, then you're a terrible test-taker who spends a large fraction of their semester procrastinating. Oh! I am also terrible at studying. You're probably thinking: what can you do or how do you even pass school? Beats me. But if college has taught me anything {or will teach those of you going into college} is that the art of "bullshitting" is a real thing and will be very valuable in your college career. Warning: Only listen to my advice if your life motto is "C's get degrees". Also, know that undergrad will teach you nothing about your future career {other than binge-drinking and surviving long day festivals}. 

With midterms right around the corner, {using my superb skills in procrastination} I am sharing eight little things that keep me grounded before midterms and finals:

1. Manage your time wisely.
This one may seem a little cliche, but it is of the utmost importance. Even with my procrastination, I know when to start cramming for midterms/finals. My method is reserving certain study days for certain classes and really devoting that time to teach yourself those 8 weeks you didn't care to study for. It seems stressful {and sometimes it is}, but using this method with these other tips can ease the stress.

Don't be afraid to bombard your professor with questions. That's literally what they are there for. Your classmates on the other hand? Don't annoy them too much. They're not paid {like our professors are} to answer or share notes. One thing that helps me is knowing exactly what to expect on the exam. Whether it's fifty questions or an essay, get your study guide and ask all of your questions. The worse that can happen is they say they can't answer that, then you already know it'll be on the test. SCORE!

3. Actually open your textbook and read your notes.
Unfortunately even for me, to make up for the time lost, I have to read a ton before the exams. Luckily we have study guides and an idea of what will be on the exam, so you know exactly what to study for! So don't skim. Read it once, twice, maybe even three times and engrave that *bleep* in your brain {and on your paper because writing it is supposed to help you remember it}.

4. Take your breaks {and get caffeinated}.
Now and only now should you check your Instagram, but don't get attached! Get some coffee, tea or just go out for a walk. This is your you time, meant to somehow get your sanity back from marathon studying. As hinted above, I like to use my break time to catch up on the little things and really get caffeinated. But do what works for you. No one knows you like you do.

5. Feed your brain with "brain food".
I guess there is such a thing as "brain food". Huffington Post wrote an article {"12 Superfoods To Boost Your Brainpower"} that describes how certain foods can improve brain function. If it were up to me, I would drive across the freeway and get myself an In-N-Out burger, but these choices are just as good. The point of this point {hehe, yes I laughed} is to feed yourself and stay nourished.

6. Stop scrolling those feeds.
And by feeds I mean: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc... This one is super hard for me too since I am so vulnerable to any and all distractions. Stash these away and take them out again when you're celebrating that passing grade. Yes, it's fun to lurk other people and see what they're doing, but that A is looking super fine too. You have to implement some sort of self-discipline, right?

7. Leave your sweatpants at home.
Don't wear your sweatpants to take your exams. I used to do this all the time {and believe me, I love my sweats and leggings}, but those are things that you lounge and relax in. Wearing them might put you in the same atmosphere and alter your mood. Look your best to perform your best! Leave your sweatpants for TV time {and that free anything-feed scrolling time}.

8. Be confident!
Lastly, wake up in the morning feeling good. Fuel your body with good food and think positive thoughts. Leave the stress at home and don't try to cram those last minute chapters. What's done is done and be confident that you will rock the exam. Trust yourself, your gut, and good luck!

*If these photos don't make you want to study, then you're going to have to look at more here -- which is where I got the first photo. {other image borrowed from here}

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