Split, Croatia

Dalmatian Coast

Sep 20, 2016

Visiting Croatia has literally been a dream of mine since my mom visited a couple years back. This past May, it finally happened. Studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland this past semester has opened so many doors for me in regards to traveling and exploring Europe and I am so thankful I was able to cross Croatia off my bucket list. Since it is a summer destination, I saved it for last and it was my last hoorah(!) before my trek back to the states.

My cousin met me in Dublin and we began our Croatia adventure as soon as my exams were over. Because Croatia is known for being a summer destination with insanely clear blue waters, we decided to plan the trip around these kinds of popular spots. We skipped Zagreb and opted to stay in Dubrovnik and Split. {I only started watching Game of Thrones after this trip. Eek! But yay for King's Landing.} We also visited some Croatian islands and took a drive down to Montenegro {to find out Casino Royale wasn't actually filmed there.. disappointed, but the views made up for it.}

Overall, this trip was everything I expected and more! Croatia is beyond beautiful and should be a must-visit location for everyone. So get your camera, bathing suit, towels and hiking shoes {for the waterfalls} and get over to Croatia NOW!
 *just a note: these are all a combination of photos from the Croatia trip and my photos do not do this place any justice.

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