Graphic Tees

Sep 29, 2016

While Fall arrives in full speed and brings with it newer and crisper trends {note: I am talking about Paris Fashion Week}, we here on the West Coast are still having trouble letting go of summer. Living in California, we really only experience one type of weather, so the casual chic look is something that is constantly being rotated in our closets. We are those people that wear the same things year-round because I mean, why not? One of those main staples from a summer closet that are definitely coming with us into the fall season? Graphic tees.

This past summer, all the "it" girls were sporting cute graphic tees with all their outfits. Also kudos to those girl bosses, Song of Style and SincerelyJules, creating their own lines! It is such an easy trend to fall in love with and master with little to no effort. You can dress these up, layer them, or simply just wear it alone. These tees are stylish and versatile--a lazy girl's best friend. So go get your hands on some of these! Xo

Song of Style

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