Bucket List: No. 2

Sep 22, 2016

It is literally only week five of the new semester and I am already pulling out my hair contemplating whether I should drop out of school and sell my blood for money instead. {Kidding about that last part, really.} I mean, how do they expect me to find the latest fashion trends or discover cool new locations to visit and write about it by reading When Corporations Rule the World by {something} Korten? That's probably why studying abroad is my preferred method of learning, cause I never actually studied. And yes you can tell my parents, they already know what they paid for. So can I go back to doing that now? My mom would probably say "hell no!" so I'll just stick to daydreaming instead.

So rather than starting those papers I should be writing or reading assigned chapters of boring books, I am online curating my perfect life on Pinterest, discovering the newest travel destination for millenials, reading beauty articles on Byrdie, and lurking celebrity life on the new iOS 10 "news" app. {Never really liked #Brangelina anyway.} I mean, I guess school is good for me. It really motivates me to procrastinate on other things that do not count towards my grade--like looking up these new places I really want to visit and blogging about it. Like really, my wanderlust is out of control.

Now please excuse me while I doze off into these destinations.

1. Mount Olympus, Washington
I went to Washington state with my sister this past summer and it was more than anything I expected. It reminded me an awful lot of Ireland, partly because of the gloomy i'm-gonna-kill-myself weather. Unfortunately, we did not get to visit Mount Olympus and we so wish we did. My mom went a year back and since then, it's been on our bucket list. So Washington, we will be back!

2. New York City, New York
I went with my dance team in high school, but it's just not the same when you're older and can do a lot more than eat hot dogs on those NYC street carts. There's so much life in the city and especially when you're a fashion blogger stalker, there is so much to see and do {and EAT}. If I had the guts to leave this California weather and live anywhere else, it would probably be New York City.

3. literally-every-part-of-it, Iceland
This place has been the newest craze for everyone and their mom and thank to WOW! Air, it is so so so affordable. Ever since Ireland, I have been dying to come here! Aside from these gorgeous views and awesome cliffs, I still want to visit the Blue Lagoon. {Kim K went there, i'm sure you know exactly what i'm talking about.} Sister, when you read this, we are going and that's that. Just saying.

4. Amalfi Coast of Italy
It doesn't matter how many times I go to Italy, I will never get tired of this place. I have already been three times and there is no reason for me not to come back. Surprisingly out of those times, I never have been down south to the Amalfi Coast {which has always been a dream of mine}. I want to rent a cute car and drive along the coast, eat at a restaurant off the cliff sides, and rent a boat and sail off the coast. I want to eat, breathe and live everything Italy. Dear Future Husband, please take me!

5. Bali, Indonesia
Bali was on the list of my last bucket list post.. but I am going in December, so it's going to be on the list again! I have been getting a lot of travel inspo on Pinterest and Song of Style's Bali travel guides are a lot of help. The forests, rice fields, clear blue beaches... i'll just leave it at that.

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