Scarves and Shoulders

Apr 6, 2016

Put away your sweaters or blarves {blanket scarves} and get your shoulders into shape! Spring is here, and there has been a PSA calling for silk scarves/bandanas and lots of off-the-shoulder action. Lately, I've been cheating on my homework and seriously spending a lot of time with Pinterest, researching some new spring trends. I also have severely been lacking in the blog posting department. {Oops! Sorry.} What started out as a little bit of "pinspiration" for some new spring outfits turned into a blog post. Gotta love the blogger life! 

Some things that kept popping up on my feed over and over again: spring scarves and off-the-shoulder anything. Not that I am complaining, I am absolutely head over heels for showing a bit of skin. We all know Hermes has killed the scarf game since before Christ, but it's making a huge statement this year. We're wrapping it around our wrists, our necks, bags/purses, or turning them into shirts--these are just so versatile and light. Don't worry, we can always look to @SincerelyJules who substitutes it with a bandana for a more casual look. You can even turn one of these babies into an off-the-shoulder top. {Pretty sure it's been done.. somewhere.} These are easy to wear and adds a little bit of flavor to a plain outfit. As for these off-the-shoulder tops, dresses, sweaters, etc.., they are ruling the season. Perfect to wear during the spring time.

So in light of this "research", here are some pins that caught my attention. We all know winter's been around too long and it's time to shed some layers and show some skin!

P.S. Here's a cute DIY from A Pair & A Spare that turns a men's over-sized button down shirt into a cute off-the-shoulder dress! {HERE}

*turn your button down into an off-the-shoulder top by peeling it off the sides.


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