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Apr 20, 2016

It's always a whirlwind of fun when I get to return to the city of love. Paris is a delight in so many ways {especially for bloggers like us}. The photo opps, the coffee shops, the shopping, and the gorgeous architecture. This city is a playground for people of all ages. It truly has captured my heart. There is always so much to see that I feel my trips are always too short. This city is filled with history and there are so many museums to prove it. But really, the pastries and bakeries are just to die for! Really really really, make your way to Paris at least ONCE in your life. It is worth your time, money, efforts, and so much more! Paris will always have a piece of my heart. xo

This has got to be my favorite place in all of Paris {although, technically it's not in Paris}. The Palace of Versailles was home to the infamous Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. The beauty lies in the architecture and the lavishness of the entire palace. I mean really, you can spend a whole day here seeing all the palaces and the many gardens in the back yard. We rented a little golf cart and drove around the gardens and visited the smaller two homes, which are buried behind the gardens. If you come during the spring/summer season, there is a musical fountain show at nights. Go early! The line can get ridiculously long and this is something you do NOT want to miss.
Of all the things to do in Paris, visiting art museums is one of the most important. This museum below was previously a train station which was converted into an art museum. It houses many famous works of art including Monet, Manet, Renoir, and Van Gogh. It houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art. Not only is the art beautiful, but the architecture and as pictured below, there is a clock tower at the top that gives you an amazing view of the Seine River. This museum and the Louvre are of the two most famous museums that you must seen once in your life. So really what I'm saying is: this is worth the visit.
This is the exterior of the Grand Opera House in Paris. Although I did not have a chance to go inside, I have seen photos and this is definitely worth the visit. {You should definitely see a ballet or opera if you have the chance.} The outside is exquisite and the city is just filled with amazing architecture.
If you love shopping, this is the place for you! {High-end shopping, of course.} This mall is located near the opera house and is in a popular shopping area. The best part of this shopping center is pictured below: the amazing stained glass ceiling. So while you shop, gaze up and see the beautiful ceiling. **There is also a gorgeous panoramic view of the city located at Printemps next door.
As mentioned earlier, this the the view from Printemps. {As well as the photo from the beginning of this post.}
Of the many things to see in Paris, this is a must. It is beautifully placed in the center of the city in the middle of a roundabout. If you see it at sunset {like I did}, it is an impeccable view. You can also climb to the top of this, if you are willing to wait in quite a line. It is also conveniently located at the Champs-Elysees!
SEINE RIVER: I didn't do a river cruise, but if you can, you should definitely do it.

EIFFEL TOWER: Another must-see.
THE LOUVRE: Who can forget about Mona Lisa? Tip: Get a skip-the-line ticket and go right when it opens or you'll never see Lisa. {I don't have many photos from the Louvre, but let's be real.. We're all here to see her.}

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