Ringing in 2016.

Jan 5, 2016

New Year's Eve! - ©Dennis Jenders - www.flickr.com/photos/djenders/6608639103/: Gold and Sparkles! Glitzernde Party-Outfits findet ihr hier: http://www.gofeminin.de/mode/album1120089/silvester-outfits-0.html: colliernoire:    Happy New Year darling..  kiss kiss:
BABY, YOU'RE A FIREWORK! Katy Perry on repeat every New Years. Fireworks are sign for celebration--and that is exactly what we are doing this new year. Beyond this holiday being a huge excuse to roam around town and party with your gals, it is also a great time to put everything behind you and start fresh. It is time to reflect and of course, watch fireworks. 

I've been so busy with the end of the year plans that I have not had time to put aside for blogging. {That's probably why my sanity level is going off the charts.} I have so much still left to post from last year and so many plans for the upcoming year. But truly, I just want to reflect on what an experience it was being able to create my own blog and share my own style and all my interests. Even though my reader traffic may be low, it is still a great creative outlet for me and allows me to see how I've changed throughout the year. My style begins to change more and more everyday and this "journal" lets me keep track of those little things {as well as lets me be myself}! 

So with my first post of 2016, I want to share some of my New Year's resolutions:
1. Be more confident!
2. Read more, learn more.
3. Adopt a healthy exercise regimen.
4. Learn to be healthy and treat my body right.
5. Travel more and explore the world.
6. Be open to new things.
8. Start on a new project.

Those are just a few of my many resolutions for this new year and hopefully, I am motivated enough to keep on. There is going to be so much going on in the next couple weeks, the only thing I can do is just try to keep a grasp on life and stay grounded. But here's to a new year, new post, and a second year at The Dinh Report! Happy 2016, friends!

{Images c/o Pinterest}

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