Finals Season

Dec 8, 2015

As the school semester comes to a close, you will begin to see students crowd up the libraries and coffee shops. Most of them looking like zombies with bags under their eyes or just trying to catch a power nap in between the many no-sleep-nights. More importantly and probably dangerous to their health, students are seen getting multiple refills of their coffee (usually with extra shots of espresso). And seriously, do not get in the way of a student and their coffee during this time. Welcome to a college finals week, everybody! 

It's the time to stress out, freak out, and any other kind of "out" there is, because this is the last chance. And I am really starting to feel the stress come around! The bags under my eyes strongly concur. So as an attempt to break out of this pressure and the many essays I have been writing, I'll write something a little more lax and fun: a new post on my blog! (Before I have to get back in line for a refill on my coffee..)

When my sister comes to town, there is always a lot of photos being taken! Also, we love to try new coffee shops, eat new restaurants, or check out a new little boutique store. (Psst: Like this cute little florist located in the Mission area in the back of a little garage. Full of hipster vibes oozing from every corner of it! {}) Some of the places we go to are a hit-or-miss, but we generally have a great time! Even exploring places across the golden gate bridge, but make sure to pay the toll.. seriously.

So I think the message I want to share is: don't stress out over finals too much and try to make time for yourselves. Take a break if you need it! I find that I do best when I am well-rested and relaxed and you might be too. So good luck on all your finals, I know I'll need it! xo, Yours Truly.
Trouble Coffee in Oakland, CA.
I'm seriously in love with the all white, EVERYWHERE.
In Sausolito, search for the swing and find a beautiful view!

AND LASTLY, A little advice from the one and only...

GAP denim jacket
TJ MAXX green cargo skinnys
ALDO dior-inspired sunglasses
FOREVER 21 black crossbody clutch

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  1. Good luck on Finals! Love that your Bay Area based too!

    love from San Francisco,


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