That 70's Girl.

Nov 11, 2015

There has been so much going on lately, but almost nothing at the same time. You know those days when you just want to Netflix-and-Chill 24/7? Yeah, I am totally in that funk right now. But, I have so much to look forward to this weekend because... MY SISTER IS COMING TO TOWN! Someone asked me if I would live in NorCal permanently, and I said no. I would miss my sister too much. She's my other half and seriously, I mean it when I say she's the only one that gets me. (Refer to Elite Daily's article.) Beyond that, it is just going to be an amazing weekend spent in the city, doing fun things and being crazy. (And of course, lots and lots of food!)

But let's get back to the important part here: this 70's craze! I have been gaga for these button-up skirts since they hit the market--I needed to get my hands on a pair of those. While I notice that these aren't flattering for a lot of people, fortunately, there are many different colors and styles to accommodate almost everyone. (Still looking for black, corduroy ones...) But I love the style and I love the 70's look, so I am welcoming the trend with open arms! Also, making a big comeback is the suede-fringe look. (Aimee Song killed the game here. That jacket is to die for!) 

In this post, we explored the Long Beach Museum of Art. I can't remember who the featured artist was, but you can see how amazing the wall art is. (Psst: perfect for blog photos.) I am super excited to be switching out the wardrobe into winter gear soon! Comment on what your favorite new trends are! xx

These bandana's have also been all the craze!

Mimosas, bellinis and the wonderful Pacific Ocean!

BANANA REPUBLIC white tank top
H&M suede button-up skirt
KENNETH COLE black lace-up sandals
URBAN OUTFITTERS renewal green bandana
FOREVER 21 black chain crossbody bag

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