Flower Child.

Oct 20, 2015

My goodness, it has been a serious long time. It's not like I don't want to sit here and create blog posts all day, but it's just been too crazy around here lately. My birthday in Vegas, midterms and travels to and from SJ and LA; it's all just hectic and energy-draining...


It's time to stop being lazy and tired and come back. Especially with all the content I have stored from this past month! All my fun adventures, including these super awesome flower crowns I made with my sister and Sami from The Unexpected Type! She is truly so amazing at everything she does.

I went simple with this. Just a white dress and some simple sandals. You can never go wrong with that! But if you're EVER looking for fun stuff to do, DIY flower crowns are an easy and fun way to get crafting. Go to your local market or flower shop, pick up some wires and get to crowning! 

Look forward to more posts! xo
Just loving everything about this dress, shoes and my crown!
Gorgeous flowers from the LA Flower District!
Hang those leftover flowers with washi tape for a little decor!
My amazing girls! They are my life!
H&M dress
JOIE a la plage sandals (also love these)

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