Time for Business

Sep 9, 2015

Oh, how I already miss the long weekend! With school going into week five, let's just say I am getting super B U S Y. After being out of school for eight months and missing school after may be month three, I'm really not missing it right now. But with this hectic schedule, reading and all the writing, The Dinh Report is seriously keeping me sane. Being able to write about things I truly love. Whether it's a sentence or 700, this text box is my open canvas and this blog is art.

This piece is a teeny-tiny throwback, but in honor of being busy, here is a piece of business attire that I wore to the office when I was working. Keeping it professional in black with a pop of navy blue. Missing my working days and not-so-much my current school days.

Cute little hearts in my latte. I really appreciate the invention of latte art.

The cute interior of Dinosaur Coffee. Hipster central!

URBAN OUTFITTERS brown block heels (similar here)
INC black beaded top (similar here in white)

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