Seaweed Feels

Aug 31, 2015

I'm all for a great face mask--especially since I have sensitive skin. Every product I have tested from LUSH has been nothing but a positive experience. I love their packaging, their themes, the scents and most of all, the recyclable LUSH pots! Saving the environment and saving my skin, all at once. 
This time I tested out the "BB Seaweed" face mask. I am a huge lover of the ocean and this was just a mere reminder of how much I miss the beach and the salt water on my skin. The mix contains seaweed flakes and the smell of salt water. (Don't be fooled! It looks like tartar sauce.) I've noticed that my skin is cleaner and much smoother. I would definitely use this mask again. Hell, I might just go pick up a pot right now.
Make your way over to LUSH! xo
It definitely looks like tartar sauce. Don't eat it.. :)
 LUSH bb seaweed face mask

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