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Aug 26, 2015

Everything is usually a little bit more crazy during the middle of the week than the others, especially when you decide to wear a dress with ripped denim. Ahem, me. But sometimes, you just need a little bit of crazy to be normal. Incredibly ironic how that works, but it just does. With schools--such as mine--that have already began or those that are just around the corner, it is ideal to carry purses or backpacks with tons of space for random little knick-knacks. My backpack was more than perfect for a great appearance at school. It's not impossible to wake up late and make it to school still looking fabulous. Happy back-to-school, all! xo
My favorite little soft serve stand.

H&M ripped denim (similar here)
URBAN OUTFITTERS tee-shirt dress ($69)
FOREVER 21 tan leather backpack
TARGET slip-on sandals

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  1. If black off shoulder dress keeps women a sense of mystery.Then long sleeve denim dress shows the neat and pure of a girl.


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