Espadrilles, Everywhere.

Jul 1, 2015

WILW - Espadrille

Lately, I've been super obsessed with Espadrilles. (Maybe because I don't own a pair yet..) I am more than envious of those sporting the Chanel Espadrilles, since I feel like they are the originals. Anyone who is anyone has a pair of those classic slip-ons! Since they have started to become such a staple in the SoCal easy-going lifestyle, brands have began to create different variations of the shoe. The different patterns, adding a heel or even adding lace. These shoes are the perfect summer staple and the prices are so good at every store, it's easy for everyone to own a pair! (I should probably take my own advice and get some myself..)

Make your way down to the department store and snatch yourself a pair before summer is over! xo

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