Swimsuit Envy

Jul 15, 2015

If you've been reading my blog, I've been raving about this crazy amazing L.A. weather for quite sometime now, so it's only natural that this week's "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" is something related to the topic. I 've been tanning out by my pool for two days now, so naturally, I am going to cover some of this summer's hottest swimsuit styles (or styles that you can see me sporting poolside or on the sand). 

The thing about bathing suits, is that they can go from classy to trashy really, really quickly. But it all just depends on the way you wear them. It's all about knowing your type of body and being confident in your skin--as well as your bathing suit. Half of wearing your suit requires your own sass and attitude. And if you're ever concious about wearing a one-piece bathing suit, wipe away your worries because those have been in style for as long as I can remember!

I pieced together some hot new styles. Everything from scallops to palm trees and zippers to halters, there are just so many picks to choose from. I am really loving the halter trend this season and also, the zippers! I am a huge, huge zipper fan and I'm glad it is being incorporated everywhere. Also, another thing I love is the one-piece bathing suit. I like to dress more modestly when wearing bathing suits, so these pieces are great choices for me as well.

Hope these swimsuits tickle your style bone and enjoy the L.A. summer before it's gone!


P.S. Since it is mid-summer, most swimsuits should be on sale. Start hunting for some good deals!

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