Paper Flowers

Jul 30, 2015

In honor of Paper Towns, the new movie coming out this weekend based off the book by John Green, I am sharing my outfit featuring none other than these gorgeous paper flowers--bougainvillea. I remember reading the book a long time ago back in high school, but it all seems a blur to me now. I recall it being a coming-of-age story of teenagers experiencing the happiness of youth, adventure and mystery--all things I believe a person should experience at one point in their lives. John Green is a renown author of young adult fiction (a genre that I love to read), usually writing stories involving stories with serious plots, yet they are always such a fun read with his incorporated humor. If you haven't read any of his books, I definitely recommend you make your way to the library, iBooks or book store, wherever people get books nowadays. Start with "The Fault in our Stars". A serious tearjerker, but so hilarious at the same time! Warning: There is a HIGH chance you will be bawling in the last couple chapters.

So before I get carried away with my love of John Green and Young Adult fiction, I'm sharing with you this look I put together for a nice day in LA. Well, i'd say it was more than nice, it was pretty much perfect. I paired a satin blue top, which felt nice on my skin, with black skinny jeans cuffed to the ankle, both items snagged from Forever21. I topped it off with a black tote bag from Irene's Story (that my dad tried to throw away anad failed) and tan sandals from Urban Outfitters. I also opted for delicate jewels rather than any heavy metals. It was the perfect combo for a gloomy but warm day in what is usually sunny Los Angeles. 

Happy Thursday, all! xo
A little blurry, but some jewels I wear on the daily. The ones I just can't live without. I swear I feel cursed if I'm not wearing them.

#flatlays: for days when you need to work and want to share you accessories.
Mirror selfie game strong!

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