Bare Necessities

Jul 30, 2015

I'm always asking people to borrow their lip balm because somehow, that is always the one thing I always forget to carry in my cross-body bag. There are just a couple things that every girl needs in their bag. Of course, some girls are different. Some prefer bigger bags to channel their inner Mary Poppins and store their lives in there, but I love the size of the small cross-body. I hate clutter and losing sight of my items in such a big bag, so this vintage coach I snagged at flea market is absolute perfection. It's stores just the right amount. (As you can see from the wear & tear, I've had this for a long, long time.) 

1. Wallet (Marc by Marc Jabobs: Too Hot to Handle) - I always need my wallet--my long tri-fold wallet. My ideal wallet is one that store my iPhone in order to double as a mini clutch. I want it to be versatile, so when I don't feel like wearing my purse, I can just hold my wallet on hand.

2. Sunglasses (The Loft: similar here) - If you are a Californian, you know sunglasses are not just an accessory, but a necessity. Really, it doubles as convenient and stylish! Everyone needs a pair of sunnies that you can pull out in a flash. We love to stash them in our car, un-used purses and maybe find them in your bathroom. They're everywhere! But that's only because we are obsessed with them. (..or maybe I should just speak for myself.. whoops!)

3. Charger + of course, my iPhone  - Everyone nowadays has an obsession with their phones. Me, included. When you're in an awkward situation, no one counts on their friends to bail them out anymore, we have an easy scapegoat--our iPhones. But all the apps, texting and calling can really drain out the battery, so I carry an extra charger on hand. You can find outlets anywhere these days. And seriously, how cool are the power mats at Starbucks!?

4. Earphones by Samsung - I snatched these earphones from my last phone set and seriously, they are my all time favorites. Of all the cheap and crappy iPhone earphones I have gone through, I have to got to say Samsung really kick their butt here. You can get earphones anywhere, but if you want good and fairly priced ones, go Samsung! They're your best running buddy.

5. KEYS KEYS KEYS! - SoCal residents know the importance of having a car. Being a bigger and well-known city, it's quite odd that we don't have reliable public transportation, but that's why we value our cars so much more. I can't go anywhere without my keys. My car.. is my life. 

So these are just a few things I like to carry with me. (Minus the lip balm that I should probably find.) Things I deem necessary on a daily basis. But hey, everyone's a little different. xo

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