Bucket List: No. 1

Jun 1, 2015

Oh, it's been a long month of just pure busy and, at the same time, lazy days. May was just a whirlwind of random happenings, a lot of different events to plan for and just tons of drama. And might I add, thank God that it's finally over. I'm getting ready for a crazy and super exciting month for this June and right now, all I can do is try to mentally prepare myself for all that's about to happen. Trips every weekend, lots of planning and there will definitely be some blog updating. Of course, I will be chronicling by fun weekend trips on my instagram (@littledinh_), so make sure to follow along. It's going to be one hell of a summer kick-off!

While I am mentally preparing myself for adventure, I pinned some inspo photos to share with you all. Right now, i'm just so obsessed with different cities and countries I want to explore some day. Not only does Pinterest make every photo look absolutely amazing, but some places are those that I have always dreamt of going to. I hope that one day, my career will take me to amazing places to explore places I have never seen. I truly believe that one has not experienced life until they have travelled the world. It really opens your eyes to things many things unseen, uncovering the sad truth about things we have never known.

1. Tulum, Mexico
Apparently I've been here when I was younger, but it's nothing if you're not traveling these destinations with your best girlfriends or even with your boyfriend. These caves, beaches and the history is definitely worth the second trip. Bring a suit!

2. Mykonos, Greece
The beauty of Greece lies in the architecture and beaches. When I think of Greece, I see white and blue buildings or Mamma Mia! A big plus is that you can island hop. You can keep your itinerary open and explore so many different islands. Don't forget to watch Mamma Mia for some inspiration and look out for the Pierce Brosnan "Dad-Bod"!

3. Amangiri Resort @ Canyon Point, Utah
Ever since Tula Rosa and Revolve Clothing took all of my favorite bloggers to this remote resort in the middle of Utah, I made it a life dream to go here. This resort is everything and more! The quietness is exactly what you need for a relaxing week away and the resort is just as amazing. (Or at least it looks amazing.) It's truly wonderful how in the middle of a dry desert, there is a piece of modern art--which is the Amangiri Resort.

4. Bali, Indonesia
Bali truly has always been a life long dream. I have been to Asia many times in my life, however we never seem to make it to this little island. The beaches are gorgeous, the temples are mesmerizing and everything about it just seems so perfect. Not to mention it is a cheap destination, making it super affordable for broke college students like myself.

5. Lake Louise, Canada
Last year, my friend planned a backpacking trip through Lake Louise and it was so beautiful. I've never been a fan of camping or backpacking, but that had changed my mind. (In my opinion, I prefer indoor plumbing.) The water is clear and the air is fresh and crisp. Definitely an adventure in my to-do list.

A girl can only dream..

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