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May 21, 2015

The weather here has been more than perfect! Hot, but not too hot. Cold, but not too cold. Just the perfect combination of the both. And that's something I truly love about LA, it's impeccable weather.  But not only the weather makes this place lovable, it's really all about the environment and all the beautiful things that people do around here. People aren't afraid to be themselves and therefore, works like these buildings were born!
I stumbled upon this building while roaming LA with my sister. It was formerly the bates motel and it was ready for tearing down, however someone decided to buy it out, leave it as is and paint the whole thing white! (Even the palm trees.) It's a huge blank space in the middle of a busy city. 
I sported my black off-the-shoulder Free People top with the essential white jean since it was such a nice day outside. Spring in LA is great for mixing thinner winter pieces and bringing out your summer clothes. My black accordion Liebeskind bag straight out of Germany, courtesy of my amazing big sister. And last but not least, can't forget my trusty aviators!

If you're in LA, you must drop by! Just look for the old bates motel!

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