Apr 14, 2015

I'm always on the lookout for an amazing body scrub or moisturizer, and I was lucky able to stumble upon just that this weekend in a store called LUSH Cosmetics. It has only been a couple days since I've used the products, but I am already starting to like the progress and will probably love the results. Another thing I love about their method is that they do not test on animals, as I myself, am a pescatarian. (A form of vegetarian in which I allow myself to eat fish.) Though I find the pricing to be in the two-dollar sign range, I feel it is worth it. The jars are pretty large and will last you at least 2-3 months. Also, as an exfoliation, you don't need to use it everyday which may elongate your time. They also have a lot of other fun things like bubble bath bombs and hair masks, but you gotta start slow or my bank account wouldn't like me so much.

 Ocean Salt - Face and Body Scrub:
"A Vodka infused cocktail for bright, fresh skin. Go coconuts with our best-selling sea scrub."

One thing I love abut this product is that it isn't just for the body. It doubles as a exfoliation for your face and body -- just don't use it everyday. The smell is also pleasant and the bright blue makes it that much more fun. The sales associate tested on my hand in the store and I felt an immediate difference in texture. This would last me at least 3 months, and it is worth every penny!
"An innovative body conditioner full of nourishing butters, and topped off with the addictive Rose Jam fragrance. Indulgence has never smelled so sweet."

I intended to buy only the Ocean Salt scrub, but the girl who helped me totally sold me on this body conditioner. I mean, the smell itself will get you pulling out your wallet faster than you know. The scent is originally what pulled me in, and I love the smell of roses! It also is such a great body conditioner, I feel extremely moisturized now every time I step out of the shower. (And I am so bad at moisturizing anything at all.) It is  more of a second-step in the shower process, but well-worth it.
*FUN TIP: If you bring back 5 pots with the recycle label, they'll give you a free mask! 
LUSH / Ocean Salt Face + Body Scrub
LUSH / Ro's Argon Body Conditioner

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