All black everything.

Feb 8, 2015

Some days you just feel a little more gloomy than others. But it's not necessarily a bad thing, because it give me a reason to wear all black from head to toe! The colors that flatter most everyone--black, white and gray. Especially since the weather in SoCal has been quite strange and bipolar, it has been especially hard getting dressed for the right weather. Mornings are extremely foggy and days are sunny and bright! (People are wondering why I'm complaining about sunny days in February..) 

For this bipolar day that turned out especially nice and bright, I decided to let my morning gloom take over and wear my leather jacket for a change. Underneath, I decided to go for a more comfy approach layering a long, black tunic over a pair of black leggings from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, respectively. My leather jacket with fold-over flaps (one of my all time favorites), from bebe goes with everything! And I think everyone should definitely have one of those jackets. They're like jean jackets! To top it off, I went a little summery and wore my Target sandals. 

It was a bit of a bipolar day, but it justified my outfit even more. Yay for summery SoCal winters!


My Thank-God-It's-Friday jump! 

My favorite Ray Bans of all time, they seriously go with EVERYTHING.

The beautiful palm trees from my work window. At least while I suffer, I have a nice view!


  1. Love this post about gloomy black lol. Totally understand. I'm blaming the bipolar weather on the marine layer. Very cute outfit.


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