A little boho for a lot of driving.

Jan 22, 2015

One rule that I live religiously by: Always dress comfortably when traveling long and far! I mean, wouldn't you hate sitting in something uncomfortable for a six to seven hour drive? I definitely would. For that rule and life in general, this is where my love of leggings come into play. Leggings, although people hate them as pants and I see why they would, are my favorite pair of bottoms to turn to when looking for comfort that could complement a glamorous outfit! You can dress them up, down or just for a normal lazy day. They are extremely versatile and there are so many types of leggings to love! (Leather, prints, velour, etc.) Really, you can't hate them that much.

My boyfriend and I go on a road trip to Northern California once every couple months. There is something about the Bay Area that is just so appealing to us and reels us back in every couple months! Hopefully, one day I will move up there, but for now these trips will do. The downfall of these trips are the long drives--hence, leggings. For this long trip, I paired a gray Free People 3/4 sleeve flowy top with my handy dandy Forever 21 black leggings, used as pants. For a little flavor and touch of boho, I added on my black hat and a triangle necklace I received from Christmas for my little hint of gold. (Gold is my best friend! Black, too!)

You don't have to dress ugly to be comfortable! There is ALWAYS a way!

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